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What is Vinyasa?

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Vinyasa flow is the style of yoga that is practiced in many Sound Method classes.  Power yoga is a type ofVinyasa Flow.  Like many Sanskrit terms Vinyasa has several meanings. The direct translation is “to place in a special way”. The term also refers to a flowing dynamic form of yoga in which static yoga poses or asana are linked by complementary transition poses, usually Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar. The benefits of practicing yoga this way are many. Internal heat is produced and retained through flowing movement to fully warm and engage muscles and connective tissues. Tight muscles and joints benefit from performing asana that both stretch and flex body parts repeatedly and the heart rate rises helping to burn calories and improve the cardiovascular fitness. Vinyasavinyasa flow and power yoga styles are often associated with an unrelenting speed of practice.  At Sound Method breath and alignment are paramount.  The practice is only as fast or slow as the pace of the breath.  In this way the practice becomes customized to the individual, and we LOVE an individual in yoga.   The goal in yoga is to link the body and the mind, the breath and the movement; in this way yogis aspire to reach a moving meditation. Connecting with the impermanence of any one pose in vinyasa yoga is a transferable skill that is an asset to yogis in all aspects of life. Breath is an valuable component to all styles of yoga and is indeed the soul of any yoga practice. In vinyasa yoga we learn to rely on the breath for strength, for surrender and without sacrifice.